Graph Paper Generators

1. Here are some simple PDF files that will allow you to print your own graph paper. Click on the link to download the file you want. (You will need Adobe reader to open and print them.)

2. Graph Tablet for Windows

Click HERE to access the GraphTablet program. This program will allow you to customize your graph paper and print it out. You may select the option to OPEN it on the Web site, or to SAVE it to your own machine.

  • Select "Rectangle" for squared paper.
  • Select "Major Spacing" of 1 and click "in" if you want inch square blocks.
  • Choose subdivisions of 4, 8, 10, 12, or whatever number of squares per inch you want.
  • Click Print and follow your normal print procedures.

3. Graphpaper Lite from Incompetech - Windows and Mac Users

Here is a link to a website,, that generates graph paper in PDF format.

It should work for both Windows and Mac machines. If you want to generate your own, go to the site and follow these guidelines:
  • Select 8.5" x 11" paper size
  • Select Grid Line weight Fine or Medium, depending on your vision
  • Square size .25 for 4 squares per inch; .125 for 8 squares per inch;
    .2 for 5 squares per inch; .1 for 10 squares per inch;
  • Number of squares across and down:
    for 4 squares per inch, 30 across by 40 down;
    8 squares per inch, 60 across by 80 down;
    5 squares per inch, 40 across by 60 down
    10 squares per inch, 80 across by 100 down